Social reintegration – drug treatment

Social reintegration – drug treatment

Interventions aimed at the social reintegration of drug users can be provided at any stage of treatment.

What works?

  • Providing drug users with an incentive-based treatment approach (for example contingency management) together with some employment helps them to improve their social condition
  • Residential treatment and therapeutic workplaces together with with contingency management improve work attendance and performance

What's unclear?

  • It is not clear if both residential treatment and therapeutic workplaces can specifically help pregnant women improve their employability
  • Moreover, it is also unclear whether therapeutic workplaces associated with training under simulated work conditions can help improve work attendance of drug users in treatment
  • It is not clear if occupation-based interventions help to improve recovery outcomes

What doesn't work?

  • So far, we are not aware of interventions which proved to cause harm

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